Ideal Tavern isn’t located in Seattle, Washington, Portland, Maine, or Brooklyn, NY. We are proudly situated in historical Southington, Connecticut, which is being reborn as an urban hub. At the center of that hub is Ideal Tavern. We create handmade, fresh, quality foods prepared by a renowned chef, all at reasonable prices. Need we say more? We think we should…

Chef William Schwalm Wears the (Chef) Hat and Calls the Shots

Chef William, graduate of the famed Culinary Institute of America, is no stranger to the dining room. A gastronomic phenom, by the age of 15, in his native Pennsylvania, he had already captained a banquet kitchen that served more than 3,000 diners.

But Ideal Tavern is decidedly more cozy. Once you find us you’ll want to leave slowly and return quickly. We offer seasonal food that’s locally sourced whenever possible, and handmade and artisanally crafted cocktails that are a twist on traditional ones you’ve always enjoyed.